Velocity Services Group works with Commercial Property Management Companies, Property Managers, Home Owner Associations and Commercial Property Owners to create Rapid Response Plans. These plans guide the activity that has to occur prior to, during and after catastrophic events as a result of Wind, Water or Fire. Velocity experts will meet with key constituents of these institutions to gather pertinent information that can be readily on hand prior to and upon the occurrence of an event. The Rapid Response Plan allows Velocity to engage with Property Management and Owners within a pre-determined timeframe when a catastrophic event occurs.


  1. Key decision-makers will work with Velocity experts to finalize and execute a renewable 1-3 year agreement/contract.
    • All cases may vary; however, Velocity typically does not ask for any money upfront. Velocity self-funds our activity until our first insurance coverage is received.
  2. A rapid response plan for each property profile will be created and maintained in a cloud-based database. This profile will include pertinent insurance coverage information and contacts, homeowner lists, board member contact lists, property management contact lists, emergency and maintenance contact lists, etc.
  3. One of Velocity’s differentiator services is to create a cloud-based photo library where unit and property pictures can be stored. Depending on the availability and access to units and property before an event, one of our team members will gather photos of each unit and property in its current pre-storm state.
  4. Upon the unfortunate occurrence of an event, Velocity will work directly with the property management, board of directors, and offer our experienced insurance loss representation.
  1. As part of this service, homeowners, property management, and board members will have access to Velocity expertise for storm preparation via the website, social media, email communications, and key member contact information.
  2. A pre-storm staging plan will be determined for a location nearest the property when a storm is within a specific range of landfall, and the property is anticipated to be hit by a storm.
    • Sometimes access to the property requires a letter of permission when access roads are blocked/guarded by early responders.

  1. City will provide temporary protection of failed roofs, windows, etc. as required and at a period of “safe installation” and access for Velocity team members.
  2. Depending on the extent of damages, at least one on-site superintendent is assigned and stationed at the property post-storm.
  3. Continued protection until repairs/replacements are completed.
  4. When safe conditions exist, immediate assessment of exterior and interior units, walking of each unit, a log of damages, and pictures.
    • Damages are weighted and ranked.
    • Prioritization schedule for demo and drying of units is determined.

As determined by prioritization schedule and availability of the equipment which usually comes later than initial assessments due to road and property access.

  • Velocity has several hundred dryers and dehumidifiers.
  • Velocity utilizes both pin and infrared moisture meters to detect and measure moisture behind structures.



  1. Rebuild is typically negotiated under separate contracts – but can be part of the overall agreement as well.
  2. This phase has many complexities and can be discussed outside of this brief outline.

  1. After all owners have signed a certificate of satisfaction, we will turn over the property to management.
  2. Velocity provides a one-year workmanship warranty and retains 1-2 persons in the general area of the property for up to one year.